HOW Do We Do It?


Executive Team

Gary Jonas Jr.

Gary A. Jonas, Jr.

Gary’s profession has always centred on the real estate industry. Gary ran sales departments for two national mortgage platforms. In 1998, he joined forces with his current partners to start Advanced Mortgage Concepts where he served as president of the mortgage company until 2007. Gary’s main focus has shifted to HOW Properties where he directs Development and Acquisitions. When Gary isn’t training for the next marathon, he’s devising improvements to existing properties while researching the company’s potential for real estate expansion throughout the city of Philadelphia.

Join us as Gary shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by knowing his numbers and taking the first step!


Andrew Blum

Andy is a career entrepreneur. After selling his first business in 1997, Andy joined Gary Jonas, Bill McLaughlin, and Gary Risler in 1998 to form Advanced Mortgage Concepts. In 2003, a real estate division was created as a separate entity, placing Andy as the lead on property acquisition. Eventually, as business progressed, the group developed their own construction and development company. Andy now heads the TurnKey Design & Build team, overseeing all aspects from concept and design to on-site construction and labor. Andy spends what free time he has in a boat or on a surf board.

Gary Risler

Gary E. Risler

Gary Risler developed a chain of drug stores that was sold to a major drug store chain in the late ‘90s. He has since been providing residential financing to borrowers, builders, and real estate professionals for over a decade. Gary has originated loans for those borrowers looking to him for service, integrity, and expertise. He has created a network of dedicated past borrowers by creating lasting relationships through these simple but sometimes forgotten basics.

Bill McLaughlin

William J. McLaughlin

Bill’s banking career began in 1989. Five years later, he took his success in bank management and transitioned to specializing in mortgages where he met Gary Jonas, Andy Blum, and Gary Risler. After several years as a top sales representative with the growing mortgage company, Bill and his partners started Advanced Mortgage Concepts where he was the original vice president. The company has since joined with Waterstone Mortgage Corporation, and Bill is currently the manager of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Leasing Team

John Pack

John Pack

Director of Property Operations

John joined our team in 2010. John tirelessly oversees all aspects of our residential/commercial portfolio ensuring all short term and long term goals are met while supporting the rest of the leasing team., Ext. 409

Ashley George

Ashley George

Leasing Manager

Ashley joined How Properties in 2013. Ashley excels at providing the highest level of customer service our residents expect. She facilitates every aspect of your experience with How Properties; from your initial call, to your move in, and everything in between, while you stay at one of our amazing apartments., Ext. 419

Mike Stanton

Mike Stanton

Operations Manager

Mike joined our team in 2014 and ensures nothing is overlooked in the leasing office. He meticulously supports the rest of the leasing team allowing the department to run as a well oiled machine., Ext. 410

HOW It All Gets Done

Staff Photo

Controller: Dave McLaughlin
Phone Ext.403
Joined the team: 2009

Accounts Payable: Melissa Barbaro
Phone Ext. 214
Joined the team: 2011

Field Supervisors: Brian Donohue & Padraig McCaffrey
Joined the team: 2014

Assistant Controller: Mike Gargiulo
Phone Ext. 404
Joined the team: 2011

IT Manager: Andrew Stahl
Phone Ext. 216
Joined the team: 2009

Leasing Associate: Stephanie Moore
Phone Ext. 406
Joined the team: 2014

Staff Accountant: Megan Murphy
Phone Ext. 411
Joined the team: 2012

Investments & Acquisitions: Sara Paschal
Phone Ext. 413
Joined the team: 2015

Leasing Associate: Nicole Pack
Phone Ext. 407
Joined the team: 2016

Staff Accountant: Matt Traugh
Phone Ext. 414
Joined the team: 2015

Accounts Receivable: Toni Marie Barbaro
Phone Ext. 408
Joined the team: 2015

Executive Assistant: Katie Donovan
Phone Ext. 412
Joined the team: 2015

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