HOW Real Estate Services

Buying and Selling Homes

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, HOW Real Estate Services has the answers to developing, building, purchasing, and selling properties throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.


HOW we help buyers.

HOW Properties has over 15 years experience in identifying and developing undervalued properties. We can help you find and purchase a property that meets your needs. Our business practices are designed to guide you through the home ownership process. HOW Properties has forged solid relationships with residential real estate agents, investors, contractors, and other private developers.

From concept to reality, we can help you manage each stage of the home-buying process including finding your dream home, home loans, and renovations if necessary. We operate within a network of trusted and reputable professionals.

Working with our in-house agent opens up an extensive portfolio of available properties that would be unavailable to you through traditional avenues. In addition to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that most agents use, we have properties that are not listed. We buy and rehab homes directly from homeowners which means we can offer them to you at a significant savings.

With a minimum down payment, we can help you realize your homeownership dreams and begin building equity. Whether you decide to buy a new home or one that needs renovation, you will have questions and we will have the answers.

HOW we help sellers.

Let our real estate knowledge and experience work for you to take the hassle out of selling your property.

From vacant lots to apartment buildings, we’re always looking to purchase properties and expand our portfolio. You can sell directly to us, and we’ll pay what your property is worth. We know the Philadelphia area, and we know home values.

We can also help you fix up and sell your home directly to buyers. As property managers and developers, we have an established network of buyers. We know who’s looking to buy a home, and we know how to market to them. In addition to our personal network of buyers, we can list your property on the local MLS to reach even more potential buyers.

Find Out HOW!